CeeYou Glasgow


Signed, stamped, mounted print of original illustration by Mark McPhelim.

CeeYou Glasgow. A tribute to our recent past. You'll remember the analogue information service on our TV's? This cutting edge technology was the fastest way to get the very latest news. Sadly, it all came to an end when digital TV and the Internet came along, but we remember it fondly.

The multiple coloured squares allowed a somewhat primitive but very distinctive way of generating images and I've taken this process to include some of Glasgow's most famous icons including the Hydro, Armadillo, Finnieston Crane, University of Glasgow, Riverside Museum and, of course, the Duke!

The curve edged mount brings that additional retro TV look!

Complete size: 37cm  x 30cm
Print size: 24cm x 18cm

Pre-mounted, board-backed and within a sealed, transparent protective sleeve.

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