''Oh look at you!" (Sigh! Sigh!) December 15 2018


If you have seen Anne Hathaway pouting breathlessly and nearly losing her cool in Ocean's Eight at the sight of the trillion dollar necklace, that may be how you'll feel when you feast your eyes on Eclectic Shock's latest offerings.With all the dazzle of a vintage Hollywood movie and more than a dash of Glasgow west-end cool, these necklaces are going to be the star of all your Christmas parties!

Festive hours:Normally we close from Christmas Day until the new... December 17 2016

Festive hours:
Normally we close from Christmas Day until the new year but this year we are going to be open for a couple of days and all profits we make between Christmas and new year will be donated to a local charity so share and spread the word and have a great Christmas!

Back to spamming you pictures of awesome gifts and artwork!

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